Scarlett Grace

Not one to rest on her rock n' roll laurels, Scarlett Grace's sophomore EP Angels is her second release in less than a year, and finds the Peterborough-based vocalist expanding on her sonic marriage of upbeat pop melodies, dark lyrics, and crushingly heavy guitars. This 4 song EP (produced by Adam Haggarty), has already birthed two singles/videos; the brooding and powerful Forgiveness (directed and filmed by Scarlett herself), and the rap-inflected, modern rock-kissed Heaven's Doors (directed by Toronto's The Trenches Media).

Scarlett's 2014 debut EP Bleed established her as an artist who is unafraid of emotional and musical extremes. Her sweet and angelic vocals play off a dark background of industrial and modern rock textures to form a cohesive vision that Scarlett has enhanced and magnified on Angels , "I've always been drawn to the darker side. I love gothic things, horror movies and twisted fairytales. But damn, do I also love a good pop melody. What I do is to bring the two together. Like a Taylor Swift song with kick-in-the face guitars."

Like many aspiring artists, Scarlett found her first taste of exposure via covers of her favourite songs on Youtube. One of these covers, an acoustic adaptation of 'Good Girls, Bad Guys' by Falling In Reverse gained over 78,000 views, along with positive comments from fans of the band and even the band themselves. This interest gave Scarlett the confidence to share her artistic vision by releasing her own original material.

Scarlett has worked with a number of noted musical professionals in a variety of capacities, including Jason Pierce of Our Lady Peace and Aaron Little of See Spot Run, but it is in producer Haggarty that Grace feels she has found the missing piece to her musical vision. Inspired by her South American heritage, hip hop influences and her homebase of Modern Rock, Scarlett and Haggarty have crafted an infectious and eclectic album of heavy guitar based pop.

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